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Access Oxygen™ in South Africa

A new stage of development in Africa

VitalAire™ South Africa, a healthcare subsidiary of the Air Liquide group, collaborates with Unjani Clinics, a network of primary care clinics, to extend the availability of medical oxygen to all clinics of the network. It deploys the Access Oxygen™ service offer in rural and suburban areas of South Africa.

Key Points

Starting date: August 2021 Areas: 9 provinces
Local Partner: VitalAire South Africa   


Project history

In 2021, in collaboration with VitalAire™ in South Africa, Access Oxygen™ started a study to evaluate the accessibility of medical oxygen in South-African rural and suburban settings.

This first study led to the identification of the Unjani Clinics network as a potential beneficiary. This network, owned and managed by black women, operates primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low-income areas.

Thanks to their proximity with these communities, Unjani Clinics provides local holistic primary healthcare services for their patients, and in most cases eliminate the need for transfers and cost of travel to other healthcare facilities.


Project roll-out

Access Oxygen™ services are operated by VitalAire™, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, and deployed in rural and suburban areas of South Africa through the Unjani Clinics network. VitalAire™ provides training and helps Unjani medical staff develop their know-how on oxygen therapy and related equipment.

The Unjani Clinics network also contributes to the national program for the empowerment of young black women in South Africa.

Key numbers

Nearly 1 million people have gained easier access to medical oxygen in South Africa

from 2021 to the end of 2023

9 provinces

December 2023

Access Oxygen™ operated by VitalAire™ through the Unjani Clinics network.


"We provide primary care facilities with the necessary oxygen equipment for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. In addition, we train nurses on how to use equipment and that is how we, as VitalAire™, demonstrate care for patients and support communities."

Natasha Naidoo, Managing Director of VitalAire™ South Africa

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