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The financial partner

A pillar for the deployment of Access Oxygen™

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The Access Oxygen™ programme relies heavily on its financial partners, who play a pivotal role in its success.

Funding: an Access Oxygen™ pillar

In the Access Oxygen™ model, international donors provide essential funding that facilitates the initiation of pilot projects by acquiring necessary equipment. This funding also enables local entrepreneurs to make a living from this new activity.

The Access Oxygen™ Support

Access Oxygen will ensure that the funds invested by the financial partner will have a real and reliable impact. 

The team will communicate regularly and transparently with the financial partner on the progress of the project, the use of the funds and the impact achieved thanks to this donation. Impact measurements (indicators) will be sent to the financial partner during the pilot phase and a final report will be sent at the end of the phase.

How to become a financial partner

If you wish to be part of the Access Oxygen™ development and are one of the following:

  • An international funder or NGO
  • A private company or foundation with ESG objectives
  • An individual concerned about access to health

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“The reason why we found Access Oxygen™ in the first place was really that the work that access oxygen had done in Senegal was really pioneer within oxygen as a service space. Whether you invest in training and maintenance can actually lower the cost of oxygen to oxygen delivery within quite a competitive oxygen supply market.”

Pritika Kasliwal, The Oxygen CoLab