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Access Oxygen™ in Kenya

A new model 

Our goal is to facilitate access to medical oxygen for rural communities in low- and middle-income countries, even where the Air Liquide group does not operate. Our innovative model brings together several players: charitable organizations, local entrepreneurs and the Access Oxygen™ team.

Key Points

Starting date: Septembre 2022 Areas: Bungoma, Nairobi
Local Partner: Center of Public Health & Development   


Our partners: the key success of Access Oxygen™

Project history

As a concerned player in the healthcare sector, we also want to have an impact in countries where the Air Liquide group has no activities but where the healthcare needs are significant. To achieve this, we have developed an innovative partnership model.

We bring together several players who want to take action: a charitable organization finances the medical equipment, a local entrepreneur provides all the services (support for healthcare staff, delivery of cylinders, maintenance of oxygen concentrators, etc.) to health structures, and the Access Oxygen™ team brings expertise, training and access to dedicated digital tools.

Project roll-out

In July 2022, the Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD), a non-governmental organization that helps solve the difficulties of recurrent health access in Kenya, received funding from an international foundation to launch a pilot project of 5 healthcare facilities. The funding covers the purchase of medical equipment and service fees for a limited period. With its two subsidiaries Hewatele for oxygen cylinders and MediQuip Global for concentrators, CPHD will operate the Access Oxygen™ service offer.

Thanks to this collaboration, these 5 healthcare facilities located in the Bungoma region have had access to reliable oxygen service since September 2022. We estimate that approximately 50,000 people now have access to medical oxygen in this region.

Our goal is to deploy the model in Kenya on a larger scale. In April 2023, the pilot was extended to 12 additional healthcare structures in the Nairobi region, supported by a second funder.

Key numbers

125,000 people have gained easier access to medical oxygen in Kenya

from 2022 to the end of 2023

2 areas Bungoma and Nairobi

December 2023


“The success of the program is due to the strong partnerships forged by Access Oxygen™ between financial organizations and local health operators.

Ensuring that there's someone taking care of the solution at the local level and that the users have a way of appreciating and providing feedback, that package is rare and really essential for sustainability.”

Bernard Olayo, CEO of CPHD Kenya

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