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Health actor

The beneficiaries of Access Oxygen™

To overcome the lack of medical oxygen in rural and peri-urban areas of LMICs, Access Oxygen™ proposes a holistic oxygen service offer.

The beneficiaries

In the Access Oxygen™ model, the beneficiaries are all health actors: private or public primary healthcare structures or the local health authorities hierarchically responsible for primary healthcare structures.

The Access Oxygen™ Support

Access Oxygen offers health centers that have not had access to oxygen the opportunity to treat patients with ease, thanks to a simple solution tailored to their needs. Healthcare workers receive oxygen therapy training developed by the Access Oxygen™ team, with local support from a trained and experienced operator.

How to benefit from Access Oxygen™

Access Oxygen™ can be offered to any beneficiary wishing to deploy it in its health structure or in its territory. 

If Access Oxygen™ is already operated by a local partner in the geographical area, the beneficiary will be put in contact with him/her.

If the Access Oxygen™ service offer is not yet available in the geographical area, we will be able to assess the possibility of deploying the program for this locality.

Contact us to benefit from Access Oxygen™


“When they came, they brought us a whole package of what's supposed to be given for oxygen. They give the oxygen cylinder, the oxygen concentrator, the pulse oximeter, the regulator the oxygen and so many other benefits. They also taught us how to take care of that concentrator that can equally keep a pure oxygen at a rate of 95%.”

Gogfrey WANJALA, Doctor at the Nalondo Model Health Center, Kenya


“Building expertise and empowering nurses on the use and application of oxygen therapy, not only builds capacity in their immediate environment, but contributes to South Africa’s transformation programs on empowering young black women.”

Lynda Toussaint, Unjani Clinics Managing Director