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Access Oxygen™ local operator

Our partner on the field

Local operators are responsible for the deployment of the Access Oxygen™ service offer in their geographies. They are trained and supported in the deployment of their activity by the Access Oxygen team in order to become autonomous. Required equipment is funded by a philanthropic institution.

The role of the local operator

In the Access Oxygen™ model, the selected local operator will first carry out a field study in order to understand the health situation in his/her country and the context and issues related to access to oxygen. This study aims to assess the situation and understand the oxygen needs for the primary health structures in rural areas. 

Following a successful field study, acquired funding will allow the launch of the pilot led by the local operator.

From the pilot stage and onwards, the local operator will be responsible for operating the Access Oxygen™ service in his/her geography: providing the health facilities on his/her territory with the oxygen equipment and ensuring the maintenance of the equipment/ the training of health professionals.

The main roles of the operator are as follows:

  • Identify and find funding for the project with the support of the Access Oxygen™ team
  • Be in charge of the proper management of Access Oxygen™ and of the commercial development of the offer on the territory
  • Develop and ensure the growth of his/her activities
  • Build a close relationship with the beneficiary health structures
  • Train health personnel in the proper use of the equipment provided
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance operations
  • Raise the awareness of the population and local actors on the usefulness and importance of oxygen
  • Measure the health and societal impact of the activity

Interview of Bobo Diallo, local operator in Senegal

Required skills

Above all, we are looking for local operators with strong ethical values and safety culture. The operator should possess one or more of the following criteria:

  • A good understanding of the country's health system and/or of the primary health sector
  • An activity or professional experience in the health sector
  • An entrepreneurial spirit (taking initiative, autonomy, innovative thinking)
  • Knowledge in the field of medical equipment maintenance
  • Comprehension of the international aid community

The Access Oxygen™ Support

The local operator is trained and supported by the Access Oxygen™ team through skills transfer and continuous support, enabling him/her to fulfill his/her crucial role in the successful deployment of the program.

The Access Oxygen™ team provides guidance and support for:

  • The realization of the field study by guiding and providing tools
  • The identification of potential financial partners
  • The advocacy of the project with stakeholders (health authorities and financial actors)
  • The purchase of equipment, spare parts and consumables
  • Initial training of staff and training materials for healthcare professionals

The operator is also trained in the proper use of oxygen, associated security measures, equipment quality assurance and maintenance.

A mobile phone application and an e-learning platform are made available to facilitate the management of operations and the training of nursing staff.


“My daily activity is making sure that all my clients are always comfortable and having oxygen all the time. And I always keep asking if they have empty oxygen cylinders and if they need a refill every day.”

Joyce Kamau , Access OxygenTM Local Operator, Hewatele Company

Becoming a local operator

If you are a local actor (social entrepreneur or NGO) motivated by the development of an activity with a demonstrated health impact and wishing to take up an ambitious challenge, you are surely eligible to be an Access Oxygen™ operator in your country.

Interested in becoming a partner? We look forward to hearing from you!

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