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Our Model

Leveraging Air Liquide’s expertise in medical oxygen, we have been able to develop an adapted model dedicated to rural and peri-urban areas in low- and middle-income countries. The purpose of our model is to build a sustainable and affordable local medical oxygen ecosystem that brings together international donors, local entrepreneurs and healthcare structures.


Access Oxygen

The Access Oxygen™ team is responsible for bringing together committed partners and coordinating their activities. The team will support each partner throughout the project to implement the actions necessary to provide a reliable medical oxygen service to primary health care structures.

Local Partners

Our approach is based on a partnership with a local operator1, who maintains the equipment on the field. The Access Oxygen™ team will mentor the local operator, using an efficient project methodology, to train him in oxygen therapy and safety, giving him the essential keys to start his business, run his operations and develop his oxygen service business in complete autonomy.

Depending on the country and the model chosen to implement the Access Oxygen™ service offer, this role may be undertaken by an Air Liquide local subsidiary or by an external local operator.

1 Our local partners: Air Liquide in Senegal, Vitalaire™ in South Africa, CPHD in Kenya.

Become a Local Operator

Financial Partners

The financial partner 2 is a crucial element of the Access Oxygen™  program. Funding from international donors enables pilot projects to be launched through the purchase of equipment. This funding also enables local entrepreneurs to make a living from this new activity and maintain it.

The health care facilities that benefit from the Access Oxygen™ service offer are often insolvent, and therefore are unable to afford the service. Funding is then requested to cover the running costs and ensure access to oxygen therapy in these regions.

Over time, the goal is to encourage local health authorities and health centers to pay for this valuable service as the pilot demonstrates its effectiveness.

2 Examples of financial partners: Foundations, Development funds, NGOs…

Become a Financial Partner


The beneficiaries of Access Oxygen™ are primary healthcare facilities in low- and middle-income countries. Through our model, we provide local access to medical oxygen to new populations while simultaneously strengthening the skills of healthcare professionals and technicians through training and support, provided by the local operator. 

Our approach stimulates local entrepreneurship and encourages the development of a sustainable and self-sufficient healthcare system in rural areas.

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Health Authorities

Health authorities are key players in the ecosystem. It is essential that they support the project. 

Access Oxygen™ is established in both private and public healthcare networks. It is therefore essential to involve the authorities from the very beginning of the project. Thanks to the field study led by the Access Oxygen™ team and carried out by the local operator, the authorities will receive a report on the oxygen needs identified in the primary areas. 

In addition, at the end of the pilot phase, Access Oxygen will provide the health authorities with an impact report that will allow them to measure the benefits of the presence of oxygen for the population.