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Access Oxygen™ in Senegal

The birthplace of the project

The first Access Oxygen™ project was launched in December 2016 in Senegal. All characteristics of this new initiative were designed and tested with the support of Air Liquide Senegal and rural healthcare structures who benefited first from facilitated access to medical oxygen.

Key Points

Starting date: December 2016 Areas: Thiès, Saint-Louis and Kolda
Local Partner: Air Liquide Sénégal  


Project history

The Access Oxygen™ program was crafted following numerous on-site investigations, primarily in Senegal, but also in various other geographical locations. Our team conducted visits to small healthcare facilities located in peri-urban and rural areas, with the aim of comprehending the requirements and obstacles encountered by these institutions. 

Access Oxygen™ started in Senegal in December 2016.

Project roll-out

In 2020, a United Nation children's agency chose Access Oxygen™ to support their special program against pneumonia in 3 districts of southern Senegal. As of December 2022, many health posts and dispensaries have been equipped with oxygen stations, giving access to oxygen to more than 700,000 people in Senegal.When Covid-19 hit, these facilities also served to fight the pandemic.

The aim is to create a sustainable oxygen access for these communities. Therefore, it is important to train and employ people to run these programs from local communities.

Key numbers

Nearly 1 million people have gained easier access to medical oxygen in Senegal

from 2017 to the end of 2023

3 areas Thiès, Saint-Louis and Kolda

December 2022


"My childbirth was very critical. During my care at the health structure of my village, my baby was born in a state of apparent death. He was immediately put under medical oxygen and his condition improved. I am eternally grateful to the health staff who were able to save his life."

Aminata Diallo, Patient

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