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Our Offer

Access Oxygen™ provides a solution for primary healthcare facilities in low- and middle-income countries to access medical oxygen. Our offer is built on the provision of the equipment needed to deliver oxygen to a patient, as well as the provision of an essential service to ensure the sustainability of the solution.

Access Oxygen™: Let's Make oxygen available


The equipment is adapted to primary health care facilities in the countries targeted by Access Oxygen™.

It includes two complementary sources of oxygen:

  • An oxygen concentrator, which is the main source (n oxygen concentrator is a self-contained electrical device designed to concentrate oxygen from ambient air)
  • And an oxygen cylinder as a backup source. 

The cylinder makes it possible to provide oxygen when the concentrator is not available (due to a power outage or maintenance), when a patient is transferred to another facility, or when oxygen is needed at a high flow.

A pulse oximeter and consumables (nasal cannula, sensors, masks) complete the offer, enabling healthcare professionals to initiate oxygen therapy once the diagnosis is established/the need is confirmed.


The services associated with the equipment are essential to ensure its optimal use and proper functioning over time. 

These services include a maintenance component. Regular preventive maintenance is carried out on a trimester basis by the Access Oxygen™ local operator, with the aim of keeping the equipment in good condition. In addition, curative maintenance is available on request in the event of breakdowns or problems in use. 

A training component is also an integral part of the offer: the health centre medical team is trained in the safe usage of the equipment provided and in general medical issues related to oxygen and respiratory diseases. 

Digital Tools

Digital tools have been specially developed by Access Oxygen™ to support this comprehensive service offer. These tools are made available to medical teams in the healthcare facilities benefiting from the offer to support their daily use of medical oxygen.

The Oxygen Academy e-learning platform provides additional in-depth training on medical oxygen, oxygen therapy and safety. These courses are interactive with quizzes and a final assessment.

The Access Oxygen™ mobile application includes short video tutorials on how to treat a patient with oxygen therapy and a decision support tool based on WHO recommendations.