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Who we are

One in two of the world's inhabitants has no access to medical oxygen, mainly in peri-urban and rural areas of low- and middle-income countries. This lack of medical oxygen has serious consequences in the management of severe acute respiratory diseases.


In 2017, Air Liquide, a world leader in medical gases, chose to leverage its recognized expertise in the field of medical oxygen to contribute to making it accessible to the population in low- and middle-income countries. As a result, the Access Oxygen™ program, an innovative oxygen therapy solution adapted to the rural and suburban healthcare structures in these countries, was launched.

Our Story

The Access Oxygen™ was developed through extensive field research, primarily in Senegal and other regions. Access Oxygen™ teams, supported by internal experts, visited small healthcare facilities in peri-urban and rural areas to understand the needs and challenges faced by local health centers. They engaged with various stakeholders, including patients, nurses, midwives, district chief doctors, health authorities and local communities. This study provided valuable insights to create the Access Oxygen™ program.

Initially implemented in Senegal and South Africa relying on Air Liquide's existing affiliates, Access Oxygen™ later adopted an innovative model for countries without an Air Liquide presence. This new approach involves local operators and embracing a social entrepreneurship framework. The first pilot of this model was launched in Kenya in 2022.