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Access Oxygen participated in the annual conference of the Unjani Clinics network

On November 16th, 2023, Access Oxygen was pleased to participate in the annual conference of the Unjani Clinics network in Johannesburg, South Africa with the nurses from all 130 clinics. It was the oportunity to exchange on the partnership with Vitalaire, which has been operating, since 2021, the Access Oxygen™ offer (composed of medical oxygen, know-how and training of medical personnel).

This conference was the opportunity for the Access Oxygen™ team to highlight:

  • the importance of training for safe usage of provided equipment
  • the complementary use of concentrators (in structures with electricity) and cylinders (when lack of electricity or during ambulance transport)
  • the concentrator/cylinder coupling solution allows clinics to have continuous, independent access to oxygen even when they are far from distribution points
  • the positive impact of Access Oxygen™, which would not be possible without all of its partners

The team received numerous testimonies from the nurses on how access to oxygen is making a difference for their patients, and emphasized the importance of making known the presence of medical oxygen in their health facilities to the local population.

Thanks to this partnership, 900 000 people* have access to medical oxygen in South Africa through Access Oxygen™.

* december 2023