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“Access Oxygen” intervention at the Second Global Forum on Childhood Pneumonia.

The 2nd Global Forum on Childhood Pneumonia1, organized by la Caixa Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Every Breath Counts coalition, took place in Madrid on 26-27 April, 2023. Its aim was to secure new commitments to reduce child mortality caused by the disease in low- and middle-income countries: vaccine supply, rapid access to diagnosis and treatment (antibiotics and oxygen), particularly in primary health centres.

This event brought together ministerial delegations from 13 countries 2, international organizations, foundations, NGOs and researchers from around the world.

As the only industrial and medical gases company attendee, Air Liquide was  invited to share its commitment to developing access to oxygen in low-and middle-income countries and its experience with the Access Oxygen™ program. This Group initiative designs and implements safe, reliable and affordable oxygen therapy solutions3 for primary healthcare structures.

In addition to providing visibility to existing and ready-to-use solutions, this forum was an opportunity for Access Oxygen™ to meet its partners 4 and establish contacts for future developments in new countries.

Strong stakeholder engagement emerged from this forum, with growing interest in access to oxygen in primary healthcare facilities, confirming the relevance of our Access Oxygen™ program, launched in 2017 to fight childhood pneumonia. 

Watch the closing video of the Forum


1 Pneumonia is the leading cause of death for under-fives with approximately 800,000 victims each year worldwide. WHO Mother-Child Epidemiology Estimate (WHO-MCEE) 2018

2 Burkina Faso, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Somalia and South Sudan

3 The Access Oxygen™ program is an oxygen therapy solution that includes equipment (concentrators, cylinders, oximeters, consumables), maintenance and healthcare professional training.

4 Unicef / Hewatele / Oxygen colab / Every Breath Counts / Path…